A Night With Mura

Last Friday night we opened up our head office to the public and some of our favourite people for A Night With Mura.

We had stunning models, yummy beverages, delicious treats and beautiful styles on display.

Thank you to everyone that lent a helping a hand throughout the week and on the night. A special mention must go to the boys from Media Playground for helping with the logistics of the evening, Adorne for the beautiful jewels and bags for the runway show and the amazing contribution to our gift bags, Lack of Color for the amazing fedoras that were worn by our models, Kester Black for their inclusion in our gift bags, Cocobliss for the scrumptious desserts and the Venzin Group and Green Papaya for our tasty finger food.

The full album from the night will be available via our Facebook.

Love & Luck,

Team MB x

anwm_10 anwm_23 anwm_06 anwm_16 anwm_26 anwm_88

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