How to love the body you’re in.


With an influx of pressures and unrealistic images that the media seem to be publishing these days, it’s extremely hard to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say to yourself that you are amazing just how you are. Something that we whole heartedly believe in here at Mura Boutique, is that regardless of shape or size – you are beautiful exactly as you are. If you don’t believe us, fret less because we have listed a few ways you can turn that frown upside down when checking yourself out in the bathroom.

1. Screen shot realistic #fitspo/#inspo images. If you were blessed with curves don’t go and find photos of Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush to put as your wallpaper. Choose fit gals that have a similar body shape to you. There is nothing wrong with aiming high, because well – we’re all too good for silver. But don’t aim so high that when you can’t reach your goal, you become disheartened.

2. Exercise. Not because you need to, but because it literally makes you feel more energised and a lot more confident in the body you are in. Pumping iron or running that extra mile, will release endorphins and we all know… ENDORPHINS MAKE YOU HAPPY!! 


3. Set achievable goals. Whether that be, fitness goals or food goals – don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have Beyoncé’s body within 4 weeks. For starters, as much as we all want to be Mrs Carter she’s kind of a unique specimen. List your short term goals (1 – 8 weeks) and then your long term ones (3 months – 1 year or 6 months – 2 years). It could be something as small as “only eating dark chocolate for the first 4 weeks” or “increasing exercise time from 30 mins to 60 mins”. Whatever works for you and your body.

4. Don’t weigh yourself everyday, twice a day. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day so don’t get all down in the dumps when you’ve apparently put on half a kilo within 8 hours. That is normal. The best thing to do is weigh yourself once a week on the same day, around the same time and on the same scales. That way it’s consistent and you can get an accurate account of how you are going.

5. Tell yourself that you are enough. Literally. Wake up in the morning, check yourself out and say that “I AM ENOUGH”.


Enjoy the week beautiful gals!

Love & Luck,

Team MB x