5 easy ways to brighten up your life!

With work, family commitments and a demanding social life, we tend to find ourselves in a little bit of a rut – without knowing how to get out of it. So we have listed a few suggestions on how to turn that cluttered and busy life of yours upside down, but the right way up!


1. Buy yourself a bunch of blooms. Something simple but extremely significant! Pop them in your room, kitchen or in the living room. Anywhere that can be seen by the human eye – because if flowers don’t make you happy, we really don’t know what will.


2. Make your bed every morning. Alright lookie here missy!! Take that scrunched up look on your face and un-scrunch it thanks, because this is a known fact that if you wake up and make your bed every morning – it sets you up to complete your other daily tasks. Your bed also appreciates a little airing, even for a few minutes (yes that’s right – it only takes a few mere and small minutes). When you get into bed after a long hard day – you will be extremely grateful so feel free to send your thank you letter to media@muraboutique.com.au (just kidding – but seriously).


3. Make time to watch the sunset, at least once during the week. This is not corny, this is something that we highly recommend and it will literally give you time to unwind after your day. Best appreciated with your favourite vino in hand. Just saying.


4. Say hello to a stranger. Now we know that Stranger Danger is a big thing – but we’re not telling you to have a full on conversation as such, we’re just saying that if you are walking down the street or stopping by your local coffee spot, it’s really not hard to throw a smile and a brief hello to a complete random. The absolute beauty of this, is that you have no idea what that person is going through at that particular point of their life. They could be having a down right rotten day, and your pretty little face and sweet “hello” could be a real difference. How great is that!? Turning frowns upside down is something we whole heartedly advocate.


5. Buy yourself a new pair of shoes. Like really splurge!! There is nothing wrong with retail therapy, and anyone who says that it doesn’t work has clearly never tried it. All we’re saying is that red soles can cure the strongest of stress head aches. But, feel free to think outside of the box. Maybe you just need a good ol’ fashion hit out at the gym or on your favourite running route. If so – then we suggest buying yourself a brand spanking new pair of runners. It’ll do you a whole lot of good, all while shaping that fab bod of yours!

Enjoy your brighter selves.

Love & Luck,

Team MB x