Are you looking too hard for Mr. Right?

We live in an impatient world – that’s for sure. We want things given to us as soon as possible and as easily as possible, and anything less is not good enough. Our standards are high and the level of disappointment when things don’t turn out as planned are even higher. But why? Why do we tend to put pressure on ourselves in all facets of our lives – especially when love is involved. Is the task of looking for Mr. Right exceeding all other priorities?


Surrounding factors in your life should not determine how ready you are for a relationship, when YOU are ready, and only YOU – nothing else should matter. Your best friends are not going to join you in marrying the love of your life, so don’t let their choices determine yours. If you happen to be in a group, where the majority have themselves a ball and chain, that does not mean you need to have one too. Like we were always told as little kids – just because someone else has a certain toy, does not mean you have to have one too. It isn’t easy to be in a group where you are turning up to every BBQ alone, like you weren’t meant to be there in the first place. We get it, it sucks balls. But why rush into something just so you don’t feel awkward at gatherings.


“Holy moly, I’m like early to mid 20s with no boyfriend and no hope of getting married before 30”. We know for a fact that there has been more than a handful of you out there that has said this to yourselves (or in public.. Probably best not to do that again). Here’s the thing – you can never be too old to get married. There is no rule saying that you 100% must get married before you are 30. For starters your 20s should be your selfish years. You should travel, kiss as many boys as you please and make decisions based on you and just you. You truly cannot be happy tied down to someone, unless you are happy with the life you are leading right this moment. Go make those memories.


Making your Tinder profile more appealing to the “average male”, will not score you a boyfriend. What it will score you is a “date”, and by “date” we mean… Anyways. We are by no means saying Tinder is a bad idea. What we are saying is that what you portray on social sites should be absolutely true. If you do not like football – do not say that you do!! We don’t care how many guys ask for your number because you apparently named two of his favourite players, you are lying to yourself if you think that it’s going to work out. Be you and no one else. The person you are supposed to be with, is going to love every little aspect of you, including the flaws. Isn’t that something to be excited about?

Stressing about whether or not you will be married before the big 3-0 is ridiculous. If you can honestly tell yourself that you have lived the life you always wanted to, have seen the countries that you want to see and have experienced adventure with your girlfriends like we are urging you to, then go for gold. Find Mr. Right, but until then – LOVE YOUR OWN DAMN SELF!!

Love & Luck,

Team MB x