Unfollow. Block. Unfriend – Child please!


So let’s just set the scene here… You and your gal pal have just had a falling out and neither of you plan on apologising any time soon, so you sit there on your smart phone and start devising a plan on how you can get under her skin. You ponder really hard and come to the conclusion that you need to get her where it really hurts – social media. Lemon.

Gone are the days when friends would sort things out face to face. We are now living in a world where if we are not impressed with our friendship group, they’ll find out via a cheeky status update on Facebook that says something along the lines of “Need to detox my life of poisonous peeps”. Or when they realise you’ve unfollowed and blocked them on Instagram. We all know what really hurts is trying to obtain a good following : followers ratio, and then old mate comes along and brings your numbers down. Ahhhh guys, there’s an app called InstaFollow now (of course there is) – we gon know when that follow button ain’t green anymore.


But why? Why do we stoop to such low levels and why do we care when it happens to us? Is it because we’re a bunch of weirdos with insecurities up to our eye lids? Nup. Wrong. It’s because we like to act like we’re still 12 with our hair still in ribbons and grazes on our knees. Srsly – get over it. Grow up. Life’s too short. All that corny shiz, you know what we’re talking about.

We spend far too much time dwelling on “he said”, “she said”. Why don’t YOU SAY what you really feel to THEIR FACE and not YOUR TIMELINE.

Before technology, what did we have? Mouths. We had big ones, small ones and ones that actually expressed how we felt. Sure, sometimes mouths led confrontational lives but at the end of the day/fight/sob fest, both mouths would make up and indulge in a pizza. Life was bliss before social media.


Here’s a thought – why don’t we start being adults. Oh whaaaat? Is that a new concept to you? (Shade, but no shade). No one wants to see their best mate airing their dirty laundry on the world wide web. If you’ve got an issue with your pal, let them know. Treat yo’selves to some one on one time. Your friends are not going to eat you – they wouldn’t be your friends otherwise. They’d be cannibals.

Add this to your life mantra – CHERISH YOUR CHICKS

Love & Luck,

Team MB x