TEAM MB: Style Icons

As the old adage goes – Fashion fades, style lasts forever. Here at MB HQ we have made a list of who pulls our style heart strings and why.

NIKKI: Cara Delevingne

I love her because she’s stylish without exploiting her body. She’s humorous, which makes her more appealing and extremely relatable and let’s be real – only she can pull off a Burberry runway one day and a Bart Simpson t-shirt the next. She’s a bloody chameleon.

cd5e2d2b341192ca861fc150389020e2JANET: Pip Edwards

I have always thought that there weren’t many people on this planet that whole heartedly resonated with my personal style – until I discovered Pip Edwards a few years ago. The way she mixes tomboy pieces and luxe ones – SO DAMN EFFORTLESSLY, is what has me inclined to screen shot each and every one of her Instagram photos.

AYLA: Kate Bosworth

I’m not really one to follow trends or copy a celebrity’s style, but if I were to appreciate someone’s dress sense, it would be Kate Bosworth. Queen of Coachella – bringing together her easy-going, cool and stylish personalities.

HRISTINE: Jane Birkin

The epitome of classic and chic.

ARCIE: Lilly Collins

She is never afraid to take risks and her brow game – ALWAYS on point!

SAKO: Nicole Richie

What a MILF – too much edgy elegance for one person!

ERRY: Emma Watson

She opts to go without a stylist and still pulls off super chic outfits.

Love & Luck,

Team MB x