Dear 15-year-old self… It’s been a while.


 Ahhhh to be 15 again, and to know what we know now. Regrettable hair styles, questionable relationships and the odd “let’s wag school today” conversations with your pals. Our mid-teen years were either ones to forget or ones to cherish. This is the time when we formed tight knit cliques and deep deep crushes on lead singers from American boy bands. We were dreamers (some of us probably still are) and we rebelled – to us we were invincible. But what if we could go back in time and meet our 15-year-old self? What would we say to her, and how do you think she would react? MB HQ have delved deep into their time capsules and pulled out some wise words for their past selves.

Dear 15 year old self,
Well let’s start with school – work harder and hand those dreaded science assignments in on time, you lemon. Although you end up with a job well suited – don’t take school for granted and TALK LESS IN CLASS. Be more involved in school activities and don’t piss off a certain year level co-ordinator.

You’re really quite good at netball, but what fails you the most is your fitness. Work at it everyday – go to the gym and go for runs with your brother. Don’t settle, aim higher and take advice where you can. Your school coach will become one of the most influential people in your netball career, and I guess life in general – she knows her shit!

The gal pals you had as an 11 year old, are the ones that you hold near and dear as a 23 year old and the boy you thought you loved as a 13 year old through to your 15 year old self, is now one of your best friends and biggest life constants. He’s turned out to be like a brother toyou, so it’s kind of gross that you thought you loved him like “that”.

Then there’s boys – don’t date until you’ve finished school. I feel all of the above are hindered because you are TOO BOY CRAZY. When you turn 19, you are re-introduced (by the previously mentioned life constant) to a boy that defies everything you know about the male species. He’s the one. So until then – don’t bother. Also, don’t let his “mullet phase” scare you away. He realises that he loves you more than his hair and ends up cutting it off. He then continues to remind you of his sacrifice, three and a half years down the track (yes – your man-eating self is capable of a long term relationship. Kudos to you).

Lastly – you’re a creative and a go-getter. Dad tellsyou that journalism is a waste of time. Kind of true, but good news is – PR isn’t. Your Vogue collection grows and ELLE launches in Australia and girl you are going to love it! Oh, and you end up becoming a massive feminist. POWER TO THE SISTERS.


Dear 15 year old self,
No matter what you think you have to do in life or what other people expect of you, always allow the path that makes you happy in that moment.

You will eventually meet a boy who is the first to steal your heart. You have a choice between him or travel. Listen up – buy the ticket, BECAUSE HE IS NOT WORTH IT!

Oh and that little voice inside your head that you think is crazy, is actually your intuition. It will test you and make you question everything but it’s always right, so listento it and trust it.

The best part about it all is anything is in your reach, and let’s face it – we’re extremely stubborn and don’t take the word no seriously.

Keep your word, don’t give in, work hard and even when you don’t feel like it – always be someone’s reason to smile!

Good karma wins every time.

Dear 15 year old self,
I’m going to get straight to the point here – be kind to everyone because life is a lot easier with friends and DON’T, I repeat don’t delete your Myspace account because there will be a lifetime of hilarious pictures, tragic outfit choices and sick music you will lose when your PC crashes. By the way, you end up with a Mac so don’t get too attached to that Microsoft brick.

Dear 15 year old self,
First and foremost – STOP WISHING YOU WERE OLDER! Nothing is more amazing than having your biggest issue being “What am I going to wear on free dress day” or”which teacher am I going to get for English this semester”. Being old comes with bigger problems, increased responsibilities and more commitment! ENJOY being young, naive, immature, stupid and don’t sweat the small stuff!

One pimple on your school photo day seriously isn’t the end of the world – TRUST ME! Oh, and please – eat more JUNK FOOD! One cheeseburger at 24 is a week’s worth of cardio and not to mention complete depression.

It’s all about living in the moment and not worrying so much about the future, because if you have the right intentions and enough drive to succeed, you won’t settle for anything less. Being young is short lived, so put down your Vogue, pack away those kitten heels and enough already with the badly put on make up! Stick with Girlfriend magazine, date lots of cute boys, gossip with your BFFS and rebel against the teachers. It won’t last for too much longer so it up while you can!


Dear my careless and free 15 year old self,
I miss you. Don’t turn 16, please I’m begging you!

You’re so young and naive, and you’re going to make a lot of mistakes in the next few years. Like dating that guy you mistook for Prince Charming, and confusing your “first love” for your love of attention. Like sacrificing your real friends for a posse of hot ones. BUT – luckily you make the right decision to cut off that dread lock. 

Ultimately though, all the wrong decisions you make lead to a pretty cool place. If I were to give you any piece of advice, it would be to keep dancing, don’t quit acting classes and never doubt your creative passion. Because later down the track you’ll look back and wish you had done more.

Be gentle to mum, she’s got a lot on her plate. Try picking her some flowers, and seriously STOP STEALING YOUR SISTER’S CLOTHES, you’re going to get yourself in a LOT of trouble.

In a few short years you will be loved, unconditionally. It will be adventurous and passionate – but don’t take him for granted… People like that don’t come around very often.

Most importantly – don’t stop dreaming. It’s all ahead of you. Good luck!

Dear 15 year old me,
Firstly STOP crying about that boy that just broke your heart. What you’ll learn from that first heartbreak is that, pain doesn’t last forever and better guys will come along and P.S. – he doesn’t end up staying that cute forever.

The best piece of advice I can give you is, IT ALWAYS GETS BETTER. Your first heartbreak teaches you to rely on the more important things in life, like your family and friends.

You get teased for being different to all your friends. But over the years you’ll find those are the things that make you unique and guess what – BIG BUTTS ARE IN NOW (that becomes your jam by the way).

J-Lo, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce become proof that being curvaceous is sexy and you should work that to your advantage. Don’t hide it, embrace it and feel more confident about yourself!

You do end up finishing uni, going overseas a handful of times and keeping the same close groups of friends, but you definitely could read a few more books.. Bonus – your teachers still haven’t deleted you off Facebook (a bigger and better version of Myspace). You must not have been bad after all.

Dear 15 year old self,
Don’t be a rebellious teen, you will save yourself at least two bad haircuts by doing so. It’s not cool to hang out with your friends for as long as you want and not tell mum where you are or when you’re coming home.

Don’t study what you THINK you should study, you won’t enjoy it (yes, you do become a dental assistant… why?) Study what you love, if you don’t you’ll regret it and have to start again later anyway. Don’t think it’s possible.

Be selfish when it comes to your own happiness. Stop trying to please everyone. Doing so will only make you unhappy within your own life. Understand that some people will only be in your life for a short time, people will come and go – let it happen.

Stop saying yes to everyone and everything. LEARN TO SAY NO! It will save you from a lot of bad dates and at least one awkward relationship (you will know him when you see him, and for the love of all that is good, just say NO!). Otherwise 2009 will be a complete write off – you’re welcome.

Don’t wish your life away wanting to grow up. Sure, you might think it’s fun to be an adult, stay up all night and eat cereal for dinner. But when you first move out of home and it does happen, it’s not as fun as you imagined – darling, it’s called “being poor“.

The good news is you didn’t turn out too badly,but it’s been a crazy ride so far, and you’re still a bit of a day dreamer.


Dear 15 year old self,
Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to live up toother people’s expectations. The only opinion that matters is the view that you have of yourself and as long as you are happy, others will be too. This is your biggest down fall right now and once you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks, you will thrive.

Stop caring so much about what you look like. Plucking your eyebrows until they are non-existent does not look cool! One day everyone will be jealous of your large brows. In 2012, this chick comes along and changes the brow game – her name is Cara Delevigne. Wearing a jumper all summer long long to hide your arm hairs is not cool either. Embrace your awkward 15 year old self because one day you will appreciate how far you have come.

My advice to you is to live a life that resonates with your true self. Do thinks that make you feel good and be with those who make you happy. You already have an amazing family and incredibly genuine friends, so cherish them more (especially your great grandmother).

Right now choosing your school subjects is the biggest decision of your life and you have no idea what you want to be. Keep trying different things, keep excelling at everything you do and keep smiling. Eventually you will uncover your dreamin an unexpected place.

Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead. Life is excitingly unpredictable and although you wouldn’t think so, you do actually nag a gorgeous Spanish boyfriend, travel to Mexico and live in an orphanage for six months – all before the age of 20 (who would have thought, right?).

Dear 15 year old self,
School is cool, so don’t be a fool and skip it! Put in 110% effort everyday and you’ll thank yourself later!

Start saving your money now for all the things you’ll want in two years time like a car, travelling etc. Because time flies by!

Burn your wardrobe (no offence, but it’s hideous!) and invest in some new clothes! Don’t be afraid to wear something different to everyone else. your personality is your style.

Don’t play it safe all the time, take risks and have fun with everything you do. There’s no time for drama and bullshit in life so learn to get over it quick so you can just enjoy the good times.

Love & Luck to our 15 year old selves,

Team MB x