How to wear sneakers, and not look like Jerry Seinfeld!

In the past, wearing your favourite sneakers with anything other than your gym gear was seen as fashion suicide. These days, you can freely walk down the street in your Frees and feel like Bill Cunningham is following you with his push bike and camera. Sport Luxe is not always the easiest trend to pull off, but we’ve gathered some handy tips from our resident tom boys in the office to make sure y’all are game ready!

1. Balance street with chic. Want to look like you’re a part of the FROW (Front Row), then pair your sneakers with a tailored pant or suit. It’ll balance out your street edge and give you fashion cred.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you’re sneakers don an epic print, don’t think you have to stick to black or block colours. Throw in a few stripes or even contrasting colours and denim.

3. Wedges weren’t just made for high heels. A wedged sneaker will not only give you street cred, but it’ll elongate the leg. For all you ladies worried about looking stumpy in sneakers – this is your answer.





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