Is it okay to date your friend’s EX?


It’s a situation that some of us are lucky enough to have never experienced. It crosses lines that are unimaginable and can lead to some serious “Oh Shit” moments. IS IT EVER OKAY TO DATE YOUR FRIEND’S EX? 

We took to Facebook and Instagram to see whether your thoughts and feelings skewed a certain way, and yes they most definitely did. We know you have all heard of the common sayings in modern-day society “Bros before Hoes” and “Chicks before D**ks”, but we think we really need to fully grasp those adages and discuss what we really think about this somewhat awkward and uncomfortable topic.

With a staggering number of comments on Instagram like “No it’s not okay. For a guy it’s called the ‘Bro Code’ and you just don’t mess with the ‘Bro Code'” and “no matter the circumstances, it’s going to end up messy. So unless you’re a lover of drama, I’d say find another boy” it’s safe to say that the majority of us think that it is NOT OKAY, let us repeat – NOT OKAY to date your friend’s ex partner.

Sure it’s been a year and a bit since their lips locked, and months since they’ve seen each other BUT sorry – unless you are a fan of sloppy seconds, this is a definite no no and we’ve got reasons why!!

1. FIRST OF ALL almost everyone we “know” on social media (just to clarify, we don’t really know them all but we hold their opinions quite high in this instance) has said whoever thinks that this is A-OK, is a major lemon. To the said lemons – put your hand up if you know what loyalty means? Yeah, right so we are going to assume that you don’t actually know what it means because there you are reading this next to your boyfriend – who happens to be your best friend’s ex-boyfriend, which now makes her your ex-best friend. Get our drift?

2. THERE’S A GOOD reason it didn’t work out with your “lover” and your ex-friend so let’s just ponder on that for a minute. Okay minute is up. Obviously relationships are a two-way street kind of thing, but if there was a reason why your friend, pardon us – ex-friend, didn’t feel the need to continue said relationship, then shouldn’t you be thinking along the lines of “WHAT HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO”. Food for thought.

3. WE UNDERSTAND THAT some people can’t help who they fall in love with, but… Still a lemon.

4. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY ruining a friendship, or worse a family. A Facebook follower of ours mentioned that her ex is now engaged to her cousin. Um, we’re sorry but isn’t blood thicker than water? It seems to us that maybe some people are thicker in general. Our follower and her cousin don’t speak anymore, with this new relationship changing the whole dynamic of their family. Christmas is officially ruined for everyone. Selfish.

5. THIS WILL BE something that you will be judged on for an extremely long time. Although the people around you will eventually get over it, do you really wish to spend a good portion of your life in exile? And even though she’s supposed to love you long time, your mother is going to want to have a very stern word with you, and we all know how that’s going to turn out – in tears!

End of the day – this is always going to depend on both parties and particular circumstances. But let’s be real, no one is really going to be happy with it other than the two people directly involved and if the odd #facepalm and death stare don’t phase you, then you do you.

Love & Luck,

Team MB x