Awkward dates, no more!

According to Wikipedia (the most reliable source of information since forever), dating is defined as “a form of courtship consisting of social activities, done by two people with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or spouse“. Or in other words, awkward, at times tedious and a stressful process.

We give you a run down of what we think will make finding Mr Right, that much easier – and you might think these are stock standard tips, but you’d be surprised at how many girls fail to attempt even one.


1. Be yourself. If he doesn’t love you just how you are, HE’S NOT THE ONE! If you’re chatty, talk his ear off. If you’re a mix of clever and funny/think you’re funny – charm him with your wit. Don’t second guess yourself. Say what you feel is appropriate and act upon his reactions. Don’t try too hard to impress him. An effortless conversation is what will trigger his “girlfriend alert”.


2. Dress to impress, but don’t give off “that” vibe. If you want to show off your Elle McPherson pins, DON’T go gallivanting around town with your chest and butt out too. Choose one of the three, because the idea is to keep some sense of mystery. No one ever reads the last page of a book, so don’t go spoiling the plot.


3. Go with the intention to split the bill. But if your date offers to pay for the lot, let him go for gold! It’ll boost his ego and will make him feel somewhat chivalrous. To all the Independent Women out there – let him have his glory. If you head out for drinks after dinner, you can buy the first round to repay the gesture, and to keep your feminist alter-ego at ease.


4. Avoid the classic work talk. Obviously if he wants to know what you do for a living, you are more than welcome to explain. But if you find yourself rambling about how Lisa doesn’t share her stapler with you or how Bruce makes inappropriate comments about your outfit choices – then go to the bathroom, re-asses your life and pledge to cease this verbal diarrhoea. I know we said be chatty, but not this kind of chatty. Ain’t nobody got time!


5. Read the chemistry levels early.It’s gettin’ hot in here…”. If it’s going swell – You Go Glen Coco! Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s obviously working. In saying this, don’t go deciding in your head the names of your future offspring and whether or not you’re going to have a destination wedding or a local one. If it’s um.. Not working – be polite, stick out the date and enjoy a delicious meal or beverage. There’s a good chance he feels exactly how you do and let’s be real, he’s probably going to pay for the date so it’s not really a losing situation. 

Love & Luck,

Team MB x