Fit and Fabulous

Brisbane is home to some of the country’s most talented and driven women, and here at MB we love to be inspired by females that are healthy, motivated and just outright fabulous.

We spoke to three of Brisbane’s Fit and Fabulous Females, who are all at the top of their careers and have a strong following in their respective industries. They reveal their favourite juice recipes and a Super Tip that will seriously help a sister out.

WENDY SERRANO – Social Media Coordinator at Lorna Jane 

Wendy is the type of girl you screenshot pictures of, repost them to your Instagram and continue to comment with #fitspo to let all your friends know that she is your unofficial gym buddy for the week. She works for one of the fittest and healthiest offices in the world and is just damn well beautiful inside and out (cue sighs), and as T-Pain would say “she’s got the body of a goddess”. 


“Vitamin C Goodness”

2 oranges
4 carrots
1/2 lemon
2 sprigs of mint
1 inch knob of ginger
1 tbsp of Camu Camu powder – for that extra shot of Vitamin C!
2 sprigs of mint

Blend well and… VOILA!

WENDY’S TIP: “I tend to become unmotivated with my training if I don’t add any variety, SO KEEP IT INTERESTING. Forget spending hours flogging your body on the treadmill, add variety to your weekly exercises to target different muscle groups. Maybe try out that yoga class, kick it in boxing or even hit the bike path. The key is to just get moving and HAVE FUN.

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AMELIARANNE WELLS – Player for the Mission Queensland Firebirds 

As an elite athlete, Ameliaranne bleeds health and fitness. With a training regime to make you cry in your sleep – this Fit and Fabulous Female will out-run, out-jump and most certainly out-cook you and twice on Sundays. Her bohemian, carefree and organic lifestyle will have you wanting to grab your non-existent skateboard and head for your local fruit and vegetable market, dressed in none other than crochet and daisy chains.

“My favourite would absolutely be a liver cleanse”


If you feel like you need to have a bit of a treat, throw in some pineapple to spark up the flavours.


AMELIARANNE’S TIP: “As I am constantly on the run, juggling both training and work, I am always chasing a quick and easy meal, but something that will still provide the ENERGY AND NUTRITION I need to maximise my performance. Recently I have been turning more towards a green stir fry mix, where I can use the vegetables that I already have stocked in my fridge. My essentials are kale, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, chilli and carrot. Light cook it with coconut oil and organic seasoning with 2 free range eggs. It is the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. ENJOY.

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AMBER HAWKENS – Owner of holistic health retreat Bloom 

As the creator and facilitator of Bloom Wellness, Amber literally lives and breathes health and fitness (both mental and physical – our kind of gal) – nothing screams INSPIRATION like this amazing woman! If you want to re-create your outlook on life and actually start reaching those goals you keep “setting” yourself every time January 1 comes around (and ditching every time January 2 comes around), then take note girlfriends – Amber is your go-to girl!


“My favourite juice recipe is one that I give my clients before they start a detox. Great for cleansing the liver and prepare for the body to excrete toxins”.


AMBER’S TIP: The key to making exercise fun and easy, is to find something that makes you feel inspired. Whenever we feel like we have to do something, we instantly feel resistance towards it and your brain starts to make excuses. Try out a few training options like yoga, boot camps or gyms and from there choose what best suits you and your goals. Also ensure that you are training to better yourself, rather doing it from a place of self-hatred. Write love and inspiring notes to yourself like I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM SEXY, I AM FIT, I AM STRONG. Act, talk and think like the person you are trying to become!

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Love & Luck,

Team MB x