NYFW Part 4

The standards for this years NYFW seems to increase as the days pass. Another fabulous group of designers and fashion houses making their mark on the Fall 2014 season.

Victoria Beckham – Did someone say FABULOUS FAMILY ALERT?

BEC_0031.450x675 BEC_0109.450x675 BEC_0142.450x675 BEC_0240.450x675 BEC_0330.450x675 BEC_0362.450x675 BEC_0374.450x675 BEC_0390.450x675 BEC_0457.450x675


_LKV8400.450x675 _LKV8435.450x675 _LKV8444.450x675 _LKV8462.450x675 _LKV8482.450x675 _LKV8497.450x675 _LKV8541.450x675 _LKV8550.450x675 _LKV8584.450x675 _LKV8617.450x675 _LKV8623.450x675 _LKV8656.450x675


KIM_0016.450x675 KIM_0027.450x675 KIM_0160.450x675 KIM_0191.450x675 KIM_0201.450x675 KIM_0279.450x675 KIM_0331.450x675 KIM_0342.450x675 KIM_0383.450x675


DSC_0001.450x675 DSC_0003.450x675 DSC_0012.450x675 DSC_0015.450x675 DSC_0016.450x675 DSC_0019.450x675 DSC_0036.450x675 DSC_0038.450x675 DSC_0052.450x675 DSC_0054.450x675 DSC_0055.450x675 DSC_0028.450x675

Image Source: Style.com

Love & Luck,

Team MB x