V-Day or D-Day.. That is the question!

So it’s that time of the year again, where the world is literally split into threes.

1. Coupled up and have already made reservations at their favourite restaurant and plan to tow their extravagant gifts to said restaurant so that everyone can see. Followed closely by an Instagram post and a Facebook share.
2. Coupled up and aren’t really fussed with Valentine’s Day, but will gift a card anyway.
3. Single, single and sick of it! Or maybe not sick of it (just wanted to use that jingle somewhere) but rather happily mingling like a boss.

Valentine’s Day brings out the good, the bad and the ugly personalities in all of us and it seems as though we are never sitting on the fence.

Here at MB HQ, we are literally split in half. Half of us are in relationships and the other half are single – which makes for a very dynamic work place, let’s just say that. Here are our thoughts on the day that is regarded to be the best and most depressing universal holiday of all time.


Asako – Owner and Director (Taken)

Well I am very disorganised this year (sorry BJ), but when I used to be single Valentine’s Day used to make me super depressed – think Bridget Jones Diary, before she reconnects and kisses Mark Darcy in the snow (coincidence that Colin Firth has played the two most influential Mr Darcy’s in ROMANTIC HISTORY? No don’t think so). This year however, will be low key with our favourite chocolates and home cooked dinner.


Kerry – Area Manager (Taken)

My boyfriend and I have been together almost four years, so it is really a no fuss situation. Don’t get me wrong, we are a romantic bunch but we prefer to gift each other with sentimentality throughout the year. To us, there really is no reason to just dedicate one day to romance (cue eye rolls from all the Single Ladies). This year we will probably be having a candlelit home cooked meal – at my parents house. See, no fuss.


Kayla – Online and Customer Service Coordinator (Single & Mingling)

I am a bitter single gal and proud. Okay, maybe not proud but I don’t particularly like to acknowledge a day that emphasises the fact that single people are in fact… Single! Long live the free and the mingling (until Mr Right comes along – obvi).


Nikki – Online and Customer Service Assistant (Single & Mingling)

Although single, I am pro-Valentine’s Day but I would not hesitate to throw objects at you and your partner if you are exceeding the average PDA quota for the day. This year, I’ll be attending a masquerade ball, so hopefully some mysterious young chap will grace me with his presence and a rose, then a drink. Multiple drinks.


Janet – Social Media and PR Coordinator (Taken)

Not entirely fussed. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three and a half years and we have only spent Valentine’s Day with each other once, due to work and our gifts are normally practical. This year we are spending it apart again so I’m cooking dinner for my three best friends (all single – enquire within) and we’re watching The Notebook and Pride and Prejudice on repeat.


Mon – Visual Merchandiser (Taken)

I will admit, I am very pro-Valentine’s Day, however my boyfriend will be away again so I am going to be spending it with a nice bottle of red (more than likely a merlot) accompanied by a typical cheesy V-Day movie. It seriously is THE next best thing!

Love & Luck,

Team MB x