Sneaky Devil

Now this is one trend that we at MB, hope will stick around for a while. Gone are the days when “joggers and jeans” were a big-fat-absolute NO! IT girls, bloggers and even some of the world’s largest fashion houses have taken a liking to the good old sneaker.

Spring/Summer ’14 shows have seen a number of sneaker clad models down the runway, with Chanel, Dior and Marc Jacobs giving the trend a run – see what we did there?


Obviously not everyone can afford designer sneakers – so we’ve made a list of some of our affordable favourites. TOMBOYS UNITE!

1. Nike Air 90. All the cool gals are wearing them and they come in the most epic prints and patterns. Team with ripped boyfriend jeans and you’re basically rubbing shoulders with street style royalty.


2. Vans. This might be an obvious choice for most of you, but Vans are constantly reinventing themselves, all while maintaining their true skate park feel. With a collaboration with French powerhouse Kenzo – as if you wouldn’t want to invest in a pair.


3. Anything ASOS. With their very own brand, ASOS have the most affordable range of sneakers. So affordable, that you can probably buy multiple pairs. We’re not even kidding.


4. New Balance. As a classic case of “an oldie but a goodie”, New Balance shoes have come along way from connotations with Jerry Seinfeld and Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love. With hip new colours and super cool styles – this is a shoe that needs to be in everyone’s closet.


5. Asics x Onitsuka Tiger. Yes I know what you’re thinking, and no we are not delirious. Asics have some of the sweetest kicks in the business. Their work with Japanese shoe company Onitsuka Tiger, is one of the most successful and long lasting collaborations in the shoe industry, to date.

99bf8cd0c597225b6d23b4cb35addce4Love & Luck.

Team MB x