Five Things Girls Should Do More Of

As we build our brand and think about what we feel the “Mura Girl” really embodies, the team here at MB have come up with a list of five things that we feel, every girl should do more of.


1. Spring clean their wardrobe. We start every morning with the classic moan and groan that we “have nothing to wear today”, when in fact – we really do! If we spent a little less time stalking Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton’s wardrobe, and more time clearing out ours, we might actually get out the door for work or school on time. MB Tip: Keep your existing basics and buy extra. Nothing yells “STAPLE PIECE” like a crisp tee in grey, black and white. 


2. Set some time aside for your Gal Pals. As we get older, we seem to forget that we need time for a good ol’ fashion gasbag with our leading ladies. Whether it’s over dinner or casual drinks on a week night, make sure there is at least one to two days set aside in your busy schedules for love life updates, health fads or maybe even book club. Husbands, boyfriends, doesn’t matter – they’ll never understand like your best friends do. MB Tip: Organise with your girlfriends a set night each week or every second week for girl time and lock it in your diaries. That way no one will forget.


3. Put down that smart phone and pick up a novel. Or anything that does not require you to “double tap” or “retweet”. Books, articles, magazine snippets – Anything that makes you feel like you give a damn. Expand your vocabulary, imagine different worlds, because the right people will get high off your intelligent conversations.


4.  Go Raw! Or if raw isn’t your thing, just add a little green to your plate – it won’t kill you! Unless you’re allergic. Visit your local fruit and vegetable market and splurge on fresh produce. Most of the time it’s sold by local families and small businesses so it really is helping a sister or brother out. Don’t forget that. MB Tip: Here in our office we LOVE Eat Street Market and Eagle Farm Market. 


5. Do something that scares you. And we don’t mean jump into a tank full of great whites. Apply for that dream job you think you’re “not qualified enough” for. Plan that overseas holiday that you keep telling yourself is “too expensive”. Be the one to make the first move – it’s the 21st-century for heavens sake. Here’s a thought, back yourself. Self-doubt is way too tiring to keep up so MOVE ALONG!

Love & Luck,

Team MB x